We are pleased to announce that a “Cyber Risk – Claims & Prevention Unit” is set up,
within our Liability Department, to offer specialized Cyber Claims Management.

Considering the increasing interest in Cyber Security and Cyber Insurance in Italy,
the Cyber Risk – Claims & Prevention service is designed for carriers entering
the Italian cyber insurance market, looking for an efficient and cost-effective handling of claims.

Based on our long-standing experience as loss adjusters and TPA, we are able to provide:

  • A customised claims administration service;
  • A cost effective claims processing;
  • Access to our claims systems to review claims in real time;
  • Full customer satisfaction by directly connecting brokers/policyholders with our legal and IT experts with extensive experience in claims and consulting.

Given the peculiarity of cyber coverage, we are also prepared to offer a breach response service, which includes:

  • A highly qualified Breach Response Manager who will assist policyholder throughout the claim investigation and response procedure and will act as the policyholder’s direct point of contact;
  • A dedicated call centre;
  • A panel of highly qualified computer forensic experts and lawyers.

Since we believe that the cyber insurance market expansion is fostered by an excellent knowledge of clients’ risk exposure, we also offer a pre-risk assessment service. The pre-risk assessment is vital to mitigate the cyber risk
and to increase policyholders’ awareness of the paramount importance of cyber security.

For any further information, please contact: lola.molinari@capanna.it