According to a recent new tax regime in Italy, those individuals or companies supporting culture with charitable contributions, are allowed an ‘Art Bonus’.

This consists in a tax credit of 65% of such contributions which are destined to preserve Italy’s cultural heritage.

In particular,

  • Maintenance, protection and restoration of public cultural works (eg. monuments, historic buildings, etc.)
  • Support of public cultural institutions such as opera/symphonic foundations and traditional theatres.
  • Restoration and upgrading of facilities of public institutions dedicated to performances.

CAPANNA GROUP has decided to adhere to this project by becoming a ‘Patron of Culture’.
The Company has been duly inserted in the appropriate Register of the Italian Companies which contribute to preserve the national heritage in a range of Euro 100.000,00.

It must be noted that Capanna Group is the only Company in our area appearing in the above Register.

Capanna Group is proud to be a Donor, not only to benefit of tax advantages, but mainly for the satisfaction of contributing to protect, and pass on to future generations, the enormous cultural treasurers of which Italy is surrounded.

In particular, Capanna Group is supporting the historical Theatre ‘GOLDONI’ of Leghorn by promoting the theatre culture amongst the young generations. The close involvement of the Capanna People in this initiative represents the essence of the cultural partecipation in which they are so much committed.

The ‘GOLDONI’ theatre, which is one of the largest and most beautiful theatres in Italy, is set in the heart of the town.
Its peculiarity is the unusual glass skylight roof covering a vast area of about 600 square meters.

The theatre was restored in 2004 with a total cost of over 17 million Euros. It can accomodate up to 900 people.
There are 115 boxes arranged in 4 orders with the sumptuous Royal Palco located in the middle of the gallery.