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History, past Brand and explanation of the Capanna People new brand

The first Capanna Company was established in the middle of 19th Century and several other companies succeeded during the long period of time up to present days.
The main activity of these Companies had always been connected with Marine matters, and to this regard, in 1937, Capanna was appointed Lloyd’s Agents with a vast district covering initially the Central part of Italy, and then enlarged to Sicily and the South of Italy.
Subsequently, the activity expanded into other fields of business, and Insurance prevailed in its varied forms.
All of the Companies, owned by the Capanna family, were under the same brand which was “Capanna Group of Companies” which lasted for many past years.
On December 2015, Capanna decided to refresh the brand by means a logo which better identifies the present position of the Group in the market including a more visibility to the people working for Capanna.

In the light of the above, it was decided that the new brand would be: CAPANNA PEOPLE
Where CAPANNA is confirmed to be a long standing name in the Market underlining that the added values are the PEOPLE working directly or indirectly for Capanna.
CAPANNA PEOPLE is also intended to describe the widening services that the Capanna Companies can offer to the Market.
To this regard, Capanna People is promoting a more integrated relationship between Claim and Placing on the Insurance Business whereas Claim people assist the Placing by means of pre-risk assessment activities, detailed analysis on reserves, accurate review of insurance wordings, Risk Management and Loss Prevention etc.
Capanna People is also active on Claims Handling for Client Totally and/or Partially Self-Insured certifying their past Claim History for future Insurance purposes.



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There’s a new Lloyd’s Agent in Rome!

April 26th, 2017|Comments Off on There’s a new Lloyd’s Agent in Rome!

VINCENZO CAPANNA - CAPANNA PEOPLE has recently been appointed Lloyd’s Agent in Rome with a wide district including the important port of Civitavecchia and its adjacent industrial areas. By this latest appointment, CAPANNA PEOPLE will cover, as Lloyd’s Agent, almost all Central Italy with its Western coast, the Southernmost part of Italy and the whole Sicily Island. Capanna’s Rome Office is located at the first floor of an elegant period building at the beginning of the central Via del Corso, overlooking the famous Piazza Venezia. Click [...]


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