Medical Malpractice

The Medical Malpractice (MedMal) Department is active since 1998 year. The team is composed of highly qualified personnel in the area with a professional background on International Law with specific competences on Italian and European MedMal issues. The Team has gained considerable experience in management of claims with a view to controlling convenience and maximum efficiency. The Team regularly attends specific courses of study offered by Italian Universities and training centers.  The claims handling is supported by a dedicated in-house software which is based on the specific needs of this kind of claims.

The Medical Malpractice (MedMal) Department provides services to:

  • Worldwide Insurance Industry
  • Public and Private Hospitals, handling claims within SIR (Self-Insurance-Retention)
  • Public and Private Hospitals, Totally-Self-Insured

Our claims management activity includes:

  • Reception and recording the opening / loading of claims
  • Assessment of the reserves and  periodic adjustment of the same
  • Claims Investigation with the customer’s assistance in gathering the necessary documents
  • Claims management at every stage of the claim, judicial and extrajudicial, including correspondence with the Counterparty, the Legal firms, the surveyors and the Underwriters, quantification of the damages
  • Provision of  legal and expert advices, through  a network of Legal and medical Experts, for the activities of defense in court proceedings, both civil and criminal, as well as for forensic evaluations aimed at out of court settlements
  • Provision of reporting and statistics about the claims and the trends of the policy
  • Participation to the Boards of Claims Evaluation (CVS)
  • Preparation of reasoned proposals for the liquidation or rejection of the claims and the process of payment, when  necessary