Capanna’s Casualty team provides a bespoke claims handling service for the liability sector.
In particular, our team work mainly focuses on the following areas:

  • Professional Indemnity: claims which may arise from alleged failure of professionals to correctly perform the service provided and thus causing a loss to the client;
  • Public Officials Indemnity: claims which may arise from the alleged failure of public employees, or of the Italian Public Administration in general, to perform their institutional duties;
  • Directors & Officers: claims which may arise from the decisions and actions taken by company managers within the scope of their regular duties;
  • Financial Institutions: claims which may arise from alleged negligent acts, errors or omissions in the rendering of professional services to third parties;
  • Legal expenses: when public officials or professionals need cover of the legal costs associated with certain legal actions;
  • Recovery Services: in the event that a recovery action is needed, the causality team is supported by the Capanna’s dedicated recovery team, which allows a swift action in a short timeframe.
  • General Liability: claims occurred under Civil/Employer Liability Cover granted to Pubblic Entities either under SIR and/or over SIR.

Our dedicated team of experts includes Italian lawyers, legal professionals, accountants and engineers. The wide experience and highly technical knowledge of the staff ensures Capanna’s capacity to deliver an high quality service, combining proactivity and cost efficiency.
Moreover, knowing that claims handling is key to the Insurers/Broker/Insured relationship, Capanna’s casualty team is oriented to deliver the best assistance to the Brokers/Insureds: our excellent communication skills add value to the technical handling of a claim, enhancing the cooperation between all the parties involved.
The team is backed up by a comprehensive in-house IT assistance which allows to provide a tailor made data base, available to our clients via web.
Based on its experience in the claims sector, the team also offers support directly to Underwriters in collecting and interpreting data related to the business, in drafting and shaping Italian policy wordings to meet their needs.