We would now summarize these new services:

  1. “Full Self-Insurance Claims Handling” – In case of potential ‘Assureds’ in a full self-insurance status, we propose ourselves to handle their past, present and future ‘claims’. With a proper assessment of reserves and with an intense activity on Risk Management and Loss Prevention, a reduction of future losses is expected. This activity is of particular importance should the ‘Assured ‘ approach again the Insurance Market. In fact, his request to seek a cover will be supported by a certified loss history jointly with a detailed list of the prevention measures duly implemented. Consequently, Insurers might be more confident in quoting these risks and, at the same time, Brokers might consider a Self-Insurance Company as a new potential Client.
  2. “Partial Self-Insurance Claims Handling” – the same, as I said earlier on, for the previous case.
  3. “Claims Clearance” – Capanna has set up a dedicated Team run by two lawyers and two medical consultants with the aim of speeding up the final closure of the majority of the outstanding claims in a short set time. An accurate Due Diligence Exercise on Reserves is carried out on the basis of which, in accordance with our Principals, a new ‘reserved claims amount total figure‘ has been calculated and within which the claims are to be closed.
  4. “Run-Off Claims Handling” – Capanna has always been active in handling the run-off of large claims portfolio on different classes of business. In the light of the above, Capanna is assisting Principals either on the claims handling or on the planning of suitable strategies.
  5. “Risk Management and Loss Prevention” – On the grounds of the long experience on claims matters, Capanna is closely supporting the Insurance Market with a view to reducing Clients’ losses.