Marine & Energy

The Marine & Energy Division is the beating heart of Capanna People as it deals with the business from which the present much larger structure of the group originated.

The Marine & Energy Team is formed of in-house surveyors (marine engineers, ship and
cargo surveyors, IMO-ISM specialists) marine liability specialists and claims executives, giving rise to uncommon strengths:

  • Availability of in-house highly qualified and skilled personnel, capable of immediately
    responding to any Principals’ demand, with consequent non-necessity of recruiting non-
    exclusive external consultants. This results in easier handling of matters which are, in
    this way, always kept under control throughout the entire process, with consequent
    drastic cost cutting to the Principals’ benefit.
  • Combination of technical, legal and claims handling skills, all in-house.
  • 24/7 availability with English speaking/mother-tongue personnel.
  • Recoveries handled by Lloyd’s qualified professionals.
  • Combination of long-time experience of senior partners and consultants with brilliance
    and liveliness of young professionals.

Hereunder please find some of the areas of concern covered by the Marine & Energy

Technical Area


  • Cargo, of any kind, including containers and containerized cargo, project and heavy-lift
  • Cargo and bunker quantity and quality assessment (draught surveys, ship’s tanks
    measurements, bunker surveys, shore tanks measurements, sampling and analyses).
  • Hull and machinery.
  • Off-shore energy installations.
  • Yachts and superyachts.
  • Salvage.
  • Loss of hire.
  • General average.
  • Ship’s manoeuvring and seakeeping.
  • Nautical accidents, case studies.
  • Port facilities.
  • Cranes and special unloaders.
  • Pollution.
  • Shipyard’s liability and ship repairer’s liability.
  • Terminal and logistics operators’ liability.
  • Death/injuries/illness of seamen, passengers, stevedores and other third parties.
  • Disembarkation and repatriation of stowaways and deserters.
  • Court proceedings, civil and criminal.

Loss Prevention and Risk Assessment

  • P&I and H&M condition surveys.
  • Ultrasonic leak testing of hatch covers (by in-house operator and equipment).
  • Pre-shipment surveys (steel products and any other cargo).
  • Assessment of ship’s fitness for loading intended cargo.
  • Lifting, stowage and lashing/securing of heavy units and critical shipment: risk
    assessment and supervision, including checks on lashing/securing arrangements by
    special software (Videck) operated by in-house surveyor specifically trained by the
    software developer.
  • Shipyard and/or project risk assessment (JH143A).
  • On-hire and off-hire surveys.
  • Towage approval surveys.
  • Lay-up/recommissioning surveys.
  • Storage facilities risk assessment.

Claims Handling and Legal Area

  • Supporting the company’s technical staff in liaising with the parties concerned and
    properly conducting the survey work.
  • Tailor-made handling of claims, from the cradle to the grave, regardless of its extent,
    including cost control, management of funds and recoveries.
  • Dealing/liaising with judicial authority, military authority, port authority and any other
    authority involved in the handled matters.
  • Issuing LOI/LOU on behalf of principals, including provision of bank guarantee, if
  • Dealing with any maritime law issue arising throughout the claim handling process,
    including but not limited to collisions, grounding, salvage, wreck removal, oil pollution,
    arrest of vessels … in short, any case - regardless of its extent - requiring immediate
    legal assistance.