Hectic period at Capannas when two new companies have just been set up to better streamline marine claim handling and survey activities:

Capanna Marine Srl

Managed by Giovanni Capanna, Carlo Ott and Antonio Pergolese as shareholders.

Ott Consulting Srl

Owned and managed 100% by Capanna Marine Srl.

Both Companies are intended to position themselves at the fore-front in the Marine claim handling and surveying active market.
Whilst Capanna Marine Srl is to receive and arrange service appointments on behalf of Principals, Ott Consulting Srl is set to actually carry out survey assignments in every respect.
Latest cutting-edge technologies are available assuring a prompt and professional service.

The long-standing experience of Giovanni Capanna as manager of renowned, family-owned loss adjusting companies, together with the long-standing experience, qualifications and recognised skills of Carlo Ott as marine engineer and surveyor, are a guarantee of significant unmatched accomplishment. Antonio Pergolese is a highly qualified, well-trained and motivated young professional with great ambition to progress. These are the main ingredients for an effective corporate success.